Genevieve Gibb

Massage Therapist

As a child, Genevieve was active in sports and many other adventures which brought on a slew of injuries. She was fortunate to have great coaches early in her youth which led to her taking on her first job in a chiropractic office at the age of 15 and the beginning of an unending curiosity of the human anatomy and physiology.
Through her many personal treatments and journeys in healing, Genevieve became keenly aware that the standard of care in our society was lacking so she sought out ways to use her passion, education, and experiences to help others. As a result of a series of careers in teaching, coaching, dental assisting, and many other occupations, she eventually decided to pursue massage.
Genevieve is a Board-Certified Massage Therapist and a 2018 World Massage Championship competitor. She has also served as a student advisor to the Dean of Sports Psychology at Chapman University. She is skilled in a variety of massage techniques and provides both preventative and restorative medical massage. She is devoted to patient education and teaches you to carefully listen to your body, develop healthy lifestyle practices, and ways to support your body’s natural healing process.”