Yin & Yang Methodology

Our specialized LERNN™ method

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Our bodies hold onto negativity that causes our muscles to contract, often without us even realizing it. We become used to the unusual contractions and our bodies think it’s “normal”. Often, we don’t notice pain or discomfort in our bodies until it’s severe. With regular massage care and education on how your body and muscles work together, we will help you develop a routine to support your healing.

Yin & Yang Methodology

At Yin and Yang Massage, we don’t offer a menu of services, we offer a solution for eliminating your discomfort using our specialized LERNN™ method.


We listen “between the lines” to understand the physical discomfort you are feeling.


We Educate you on how your body works and why you are experiencing those symptoms.


We design and recommend an individualized treatment using a variety of techniques to meet your specific needs at the time of your session.

Neutralize Negativity

We help you release and neutralize the negativity in your body in order to eliminate pain and discomfort and improve your posture so you can live a healthy, vital life.

Choosing Your Treatment

30-minute treatment

30-minute sessions are best for a quick treatment when you’re limited on time and have a specific area you want to treat. Often, while it may seem you have only a specific need, we may find during your session that the affected area is greater than you realized, in which case we may recommend a longer treatment or additional sessions.

60-minute treatment

60-minute sessions are recommended for most treatments. This allows us to do a more accurate assessment of your needs and spend the necessary amount of time addressing them to begin your optimal healing journey.

90-minute treatment

90-minute sessions are great for addressing severe pain or discomfort. Because your discomfort may be linked to multiple causes, a longer session will give us time to dig deeper into finding the source of the problem and work toward bringing you relief.

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