Richard Oliver

Founder of Ying & Yang Massage

Having become intrigued with massage at the age of four, Richard Oliver is likely the longest tenured massage therapist you’ve met! When he began treating his family members with a shoulder rub, they praised him for his ability to relieve their aching muscles and relax their bodies. Their continued accolades inspired him to later become a licensed massage therapist (LMT).

Like many others, Richard didn’t jump right into pursuing his passion. It was a journey that first took him down a road of nearly 29 years of working in the fast-food industry. Upon beginning his career in fast-food, he quickly excelled. He received his first promotion within two months of being hired and soon moved up into management and thrived on the many challenges that followed. He learned to work with a variety of people, recognizing that everyone is different, with differing needs and strengths and he has used that knowledge, along with many other skills he gained, to build a successful massage practice.

While he enjoyed working in the fast-food industry, Richard felt internally conflicted as he placed great value in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for himself through a healthy diet and physical exercise while serving non-nutritional, high-fattening foods to others. This is when he decided it was time to follow his dream and become an LMT and open his own practice.

Richard values health and mobility and maintains an active lifestyle through regular gym workouts and gauges his success each year by participating in the annual Lake Tye Triathlon and Snohomish Spartan Race. He brings this same mentality into his practice to ensure he gives his clients exceptional care so they can live a more productive life.